Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy defines data protection regulations and obligations that Sorcim Technologies Pvt. Ltd. follows while collecting user data through various means.

We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time without prior notification. If you have any further queries relating to data protection obligations that we follow, please drop us an email using the Contact Us form or at

Necessity of Collecting Information

If you want to: 1) use of our services, 2) register your copy of Easy File Renamer, 3) require technical support, 4) provide comments, 5) opt in for newsletter service; we may ask you for personal and non-personal information. The information may include but not limited to your full name, email id, language of choice, country, city, and product registration key.

Secure Transmission of Info through Order Form

The Product Order Form collects, encrypts and securely transcripts your personal information, bank details, debit/ credit card and other information to secure servers through a merchant website with valid security certificate and green bar. We do not store your passwords, credit/ debit card or banking information.

A merchant website with security certificate often starts with “https://”. It encrypts, protects sensitive information and securely transmits it to the organization verified by website certificate issuing authority.

The green bar is commonly used for online shopping and it denotes the organization has gone through a rigorous authentication process as part of Extended Validation SSL Certification.

Feedbacks/ Suggestions

We encourage our registered users to provide feedbacks and suggestions, as part of the product improvement and customer satisfaction program. Such information is processed anonymously solely for the purpose of improving our products, services and to make them beneficial for end users.

Web Analytics & Use of Cookies

Web Analytics is part of website management and administration. Whatever is the objective of a website, its visitor traffic needs to be regularly tracked and thoroughly analyzed in order to achieve business objectives in a much better, effective way. is no exception. We may use Google Analytics, a website tracking solution from Internet-giant Google, or any other reputed tool, to track visitor trends, graphical information pertaining to the views and usage of published information, all of which is non-personal in nature.

You can choose to block cookies to restrict functionality of this website. The steps may vary on different browsers.


We encourage users to sign up for optional newsletters. Users can avail important information, such as, special discounted offers, technical how-tos, software updates release notifications, tips & tricks, upon registering for a newsletter. User may, however, opt out of the newsletter service anytime by simply clicking the “Unsubscribe this newsletter” or similar link at the bottom of a newsletter email. If, for some technical reason, user continues to receive unsolicited emails, please drop us a support request email.

Outbound Links

We may serve outbound links to reputed third party websites, partner products and services throughout this website. By clicking an outbound link, you’re leaving this website. We do not have any control on such websites, their products & services, and the manner in which they use and process your information. We cannot be held responsible for what you do with the information, advertisements and promotional materials published on such websites. You’re solely responsible for any loss/ damage caused by the use of such websites and their products/ services. Privacy Policy of respective website shall also be applicable to you. We highly recommend you not to disclose any personal, banking, online banking and debit/ credit card information or download any file unless you’re familiar with that website and it is trustworthy in nature.

Software Downloads

Easy File Renamer downloads are free-of-charge. No personal, billing information is required for downloading the software.