Google Software Principles

Google Software Principles are set of norms, rules and regulations that Google expects the software publishers to voluntarily follow. These guidelines are aimed to improve the user experience and to make the software reliable for the end user. Google itself adopts the same norms and principles and expects the software industry to follow the same.

We Strong Adherence to Upfront Disclosure of Information, Transparency and No Tricky Behavior

Sorcim Technologies Pvt. Ltd. strictly adheres to the Google Software Principles, which primarily emphasis on upfront disclosure of information, transparency and no tricky software behavior. We do not follow any malpractices, such as, background downloads without user’s knowledge, installation of a third party toolbar or unwanted software, unsolicited advertisement pop-ups, and so on. Easy File Renamer software comes with an Uninstaller and it is easy to remove. To read the Google Software Principles, click here.